1. LeftMyHeartInMunich zegt

    Sieht sehr lecker aus! Servos!

  2. ALittleChalupa zegt

    Very nice plate, I like the addition of the salad to break everything up.

  3. NathanielChampion zegt

    It looks good.

  4. water2wine zegt

    Is it Vienna & Jaeger schnitz?

  5. jblv zegt

    Thrice-cooked? In this economy?

  6. Telephobie zegt


  7. CTblDHO zegt

    Two way schnitzel? Thrice cooked fries?? PEELED cucumbers?! Homemade… are you professional chef that also cooks home? Looks great, probably tastes even better ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|yummy)

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