1. Tall_Blacksmith_3190 zegt

    WOW. As you can see, 6 portions are present. 3 are going to go in my tummy. Give me that right now you person.

  2. eric_reddit zegt

    Frosting is THICC 😉

  3. trip90458343 zegt

    OK, but did you have to flex on us with that view. Both look really good!

  4. arat360 zegt

    Raisins or no raisins OP? Could be a dealbreaker.

  5. happyjazzycook zegt

    Very nice! Perfect ratio of cream cheese frosting to cake… love the carrot decoration. 😋

  6. InfamousByte2 zegt

    Ow wait. There is some carrot cake on your frosting !

  7. Moyashim0n zegt

    Perfect ratio of ominous mountain and deliciously moist carrot cake.

  8. lovetoreadeatsleep zegt

    I hope there’s still a slice left for me!

  9. DAmazingBlunderWoman zegt

    But no orange peel in the cake?

  10. thewildchild999 zegt

    The background 🤩

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