1. RecklessAndroid zegt

    I miss Hawaii 🥲

  2. ElJefe54 zegt

    Yes, please.

  3. bloodredyouth zegt

    What did you use to shape it? What type of seasoning for the spam? I was trying to make this and it was way too salty

  4. VSTAR zegt

    Yum!!! Moosoobi!!

  5. F3nrir096 zegt

    Looks good. Never tried it like this before. I usually just toss fried chunka of spam into a bowl of rice and use the little snack seaweed sheets

  6. canuck47 zegt

    I will always upvote Spam 🙂

  7. Pumpernickel247 zegt

    Can’t wait to go to Hawaii next week!!!

  8. IWillTrytoCheerYouUp zegt

    when youre horny, hungry, and have nobody to deepthroat

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