1. moonpies4everyone zegt

    What did you sous vide it to? 125(F)-ish?

  2. kiaralizz zegt

    I like how they look like lungs. Nice plating !

  3. denniespenniez zegt


  4. MooPig48 zegt

    You could easily charge $80 for this a`la carte. No sides, no starters.

    Absolutely beautiful dish. You should pursue this professionally.

  5. 93johhny zegt

    LUNGS lol

  6. Immediate_Fuel_4836 zegt

    Looks amazing. 🤤 Nice job 👍🏻

  7. Claire1824 zegt

    how did you do the puree and reduction? looks amazing!

    edit: is there a word for this type of food? I want to say it’s homemade fine dining but not sure if there’s a better term

  8. genericgirl2016 zegt

    I’m willing to give up being vegan for this

  9. mycatstinksofshit zegt

    Sprouts are seriously underused in todays dishes of fine dining, great to see them on this plate…it looks bloody gorgeous

  10. acuet zegt

    YOU BITCH! THANK YOU! Was just defrosting the deer sausage earlier today for Tuesday cook out. Weekend playing on the Duck Thighs…they are fucking thick. 😚

  11. No-Frosting6958 zegt

    Mouth is watering

  12. Bennilumplump zegt

    Looks and sounds great! Awesome job!

  13. lando_rickets69 zegt

    A little but underdone for my taste but they look great and I love the plating

  14. yoinkitydoink zegt

    What is the clearish/milky looking sauce?

  15. shdylady zegt

    The sauce looks like it’s blurred out. Lol

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