1. SaintLeoAiolia zegt

    smokey hot spicy pizza. love it

  2. IUC007 zegt

    You did it, you crazy son of a bitch, you did it!

  3. ghost77911 zegt

    This is BEAUTIFUL

  4. bonuspad zegt

    Pizza? Looks like just another delicious type of taco to me.

  5. crazym108 zegt

    Nice! I’ve put brisket and green chile in a quesadilla before, never made it into a pizza.

  6. youarenumber10 zegt

    Needs more Green Chile!!!

  7. TehOuchies zegt

    New Idea for a Chile Relleno!

    Just about the same as a regular one. Put the brisket and cheese inside the Chile.

    Dough and fry outside instead.

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