1. Evil_Queen_93 zegt

    A very filling Pakistani breakfast that is typically enjoyed by families on Sundays.

    Description, right to left:
    – Puri (fried bread)
    – Beef Kababs
    – Jar of Pakistani Carrot Pickels
    – Chickpea Curry
    – Potato curry
    – Semolina Halva (sweet)
    – Sliced onions – on the side (not in picture)
    – Chae (tea)

    The breakfast can be considered Vegetarian, even Vegan (except for the kababs and chae). The Kababs are not typically part of this breakfast but I just added them as I was hosting a couple of families

  2. MaryN6FBB110117 zegt

    That all looks good! Do you put some of everything on your plate and then eat it together with the bread?

  3. semidefiant zegt

    Shan pickles! Love this spread!

    I’m gonna need a recipe drop for that halva. Looks absolutely primed for a puri-halva combo.

  4. CMDR_Deathdime zegt

    I was listening to a radio show talking about how Pakistani and Indian breakfast typically include curry. I think it looks amazing, but don’t know if I could do Curry first thing in the morning lol.

  5. CreateYourself89 zegt

    This looks so much better than a poptart. 👌

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