1. sierrabravo1984 zegt

    Wow that looks incredible. Every time I order blackened chicken alfredo, no one ever does enough blackening. I like like my chicken like I like my coffee!

  2. I_wanna_b_d1 zegt

    Recipe please? Looks so good

  3. Jefethevol zegt

    damn…how long did it take you pulverize all that parsley? you chopped it up fine as hell. good job

  4. FoulYouthLeader zegt

    OoOooo I like your pepper style! Blackened it is!

  5. balalaikagam3s zegt

    That looks phenomenal *drool

  6. slitheringslipper zegt

    I’ve never had blackened chicken, how do you blacken it without drying out the chicken or is that the appeal? (Looks super tasty btw)

  7. SweetBobbyLo zegt

    2 hours later no recipe? How can you sleep knowing I’ve been deprived of this recipe? HOW

  8. PoliteDefenestrator zegt

    I don’t even like alfredo pasta, but that looks fuckin delicious.

  9. This_is_Chalky zegt

    Mixed feelings. Keep the crispy chicken on the side and don’t drown it in the sauce.

  10. jiggler21 zegt

    Among us

  11. deputydawag zegt

    Oh my, that looks amazing !!!

  12. User85394 zegt

    I need this recipe!!

  13. starckie zegt

    I would be interested in the recipe if you have it

  14. Sw33tN0th1ng zegt


  15. Big-Illustrator-6143 zegt

    Looks legit

  16. orionsfire zegt

    I don’t usually comment on food… but this is my very favorite dish!

  17. JakeFromMontana zegt

    That looks amazing! Wow. 🤤

  18. whiskey_pancakes zegt

    Fuck that looks delicious

  19. crispybacononsalad zegt

    I made blackened shrimp Alfredo last night! Looks delicious!

  20. r_bassie zegt

    This one hit me right in my hunger muscle. I’ll take an order to go please, looks fantastic!

  21. sd5510 zegt

    I’d eat that straight from the pan.

  22. End__User zegt

    This looks great, any side recommendations to go along with this?

  23. kosherhalfsourpickle zegt

    That looks like it was cooked by a pro chef. Did the cheese sauce from the Alfredo overpower the blackened chicken? Great looking dish, nice work chef!

  24. outtsideyerhouse zegt

    This is impressive

  25. OFS_Razgriz zegt

    Can I come to your house for dinner? My sorry ass microwaved-chicken-Alfredo can’t hold a candle to this.

  26. No-Frosting6958 zegt

    Is blackened chicken a thing? Anyways, it looks tasty.

  27. whodeyjb zegt

    Add on 3 BC Fredo. 1 no Tommy. IYKYK.

  28. chocolate_life18 zegt

    Teach me your ways

  29. Throwawaybibbi zegt

    I could lay that on the ground and roll in it.


  30. dakhaliq zegt

    Looks great!

  31. Reasonable-Diet9497 zegt


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