1. shaithiswampir zegt

    Looks fucking amazing

  2. Additional_Form_5600 zegt

    That’s a good looking duck breast

  3. nyrothia zegt

    the epitome of meat. nothing in the entire animal kingdom tastes better. with pork belly on a close second.

    looks amazing.

  4. hairlongmoneylong zegt

    Wow these were some meaty ducks

  5. RedManMatt11 zegt

    Loooooooove me some duck breast. Excellent work

  6. SDM_25 zegt

    How’d you keep it from curling up?

  7. happylittleloaf zegt

    This looks perfect

  8. midnightgolf02 zegt


  9. bunches_ofhoney zegt

    That is impressive! I want to try making duck but I’m too scared!

  10. Fongernator zegt

    Where’s the money shot

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