1. romgm zegt

    Half are steamed and half are pan fried. Sauces are soy sauce and chili sauce.

  2. I-moth zegt

    Get in mah belly!

  3. PossessionFuzzy2208 zegt

    This is the most tempting food stuff I’ve seen on this sub

  4. hxcn00b666 zegt

    They look amazing! Great job.

  5. redquailer zegt

    Beautiful presentation, too! Is there a recipe that we may see?

  6. tungpunchmyfartbox zegt


  7. atombriones zegt

    you- you- YOURE AMAZING

  8. brujabella zegt

    Wow this is a beautiful dish. The lettuce looks so fresh and crunchy too, hope u enjoyed 🙂

  9. Parkside2006 zegt


  10. sinisism_j zegt

    I just made some as well, I’ve never had them before but they were really good, not as beautiful as yours though. I might have also eaten way too many in way too little time.

  11. thecyriousone zegt

    I eat gyoza/dumplings religiously

  12. gtam5 zegt

    Funny, I was planning to try making gyoza for the first time this week – ran by the Japanese grocery store yesterday. I’ve already done karaage and korokke which are both delicious, so hopefully this will be just as great!

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