1. MichaelSnacks33 zegt

    Red onion and capers. Not your first rodeo. Looks amazing

  2. JoshuaACNewman zegt

    Literally one of my favorite foods.

    I pack mine in salt and sugar with abundant black pepper, pressed between bunches of dill, weighed between plastic cutting boards ina stack of tomato cans. The pressing squeezes out a lot of liquid that turns into a weird fish candy.

    If you can control yourself long enough for it to get dry (like OP) it’s utterly amazing.

  3. OhBobRooney zegt

    Gorgeous….care to share the recipe?

  4. garyghostman0 zegt

    How much salmon did you cure at once? Also, was this a particularly special salmon you purchased? I’d love to try this.

  5. Hellright zegt

    Looks delicious! You’re making me hungry.

  6. Uncle-Badtouch zegt

    You cannot say it quietly, you must shout it… GRAVLAX!

  7. jojo571 zegt

    Nim. Nom. Nom.

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