1. Fluffy_Munchkin zegt

    Aurora borealis? At this time of year?

  2. Ctrl_Alt_3lite zegt

    I decided to re-visit a design I did a few months ago, I’d say it’s an improvement on the last one! These are white chocolate from Valrhona filled with a strawberry jelly, vanilla cheesecake ganache, and oreo and brown butter base decorated with coloured cocoa butter

  3. Lurifax22 zegt

    This is insanely well made, and it looks delicious!

  4. NotYourNat zegt

    I thought these were press on nails lol 😂 well done

  5. TickTacWhat zegt

    Fancy ass Kit Kats. Look amazing.

  6. LDNKingboy_D zegt

    Wow!! I’d feel guilty eating these. Amazing work OP.

  7. jew-iiish zegt

    Awesome shell thickness!

  8. spankcheeks zegt

    These are genuinely too pretty to eat, omg you’re so talented!!!

  9. EphemeralSun zegt

    I thought these were spacebars at first…

    Thats enough ogling at mechanical keyboard for me.

  10. Scrotemeal69 zegt

    Do you have a how to? Or any resource material? I make chocolate edibles for a living and would live to infuse something like this

  11. churntato zegt

    I would buy these from you. Amazing.

  12. Mroddfigures zegt

    The drawing looks so real! I love it. any chance you do custom orders? if so please dm me a contact info.

  13. Letitbemesickgirl zegt

    Omg. Pure art! How long did these take?

  14. CallMeCleverClogs zegt

    I am sorry, we – readers of Reddit – cannot appropriately comment on this post without a sample. I can PM an address for your convenience.


    Those look amazing, and honestly I would not even care what is inside (which sounds DELICIOUS AF) just because the outside is astonishing and gorgeous. Damn. Applause OP, that is incredible.

  15. caffeinatedfem zegt

    I thought these were a set of dope acrylic nails 😂 I would wear or eat these

  16. Sierra-Modeling- zegt

    I need to try that!

  17. Powasaurus_Rex zegt

    This is not food, this is art

  18. Historic_Owl zegt

    That’s very impressive candy making chops!

  19. IronSavage3 zegt

    Daaaaaaaaaamn that is awesome

  20. Drewcifer81 zegt

    I would feel bad eating these. I’m sure they taste great, but they look even more impressive.

  21. Hulque94 zegt

    That’s fucking unreal, literal art

  22. mymilt zegt

    That’s to beautiful to eat, wow

  23. -Reala- zegt

    I would purchase these in an instant! And consume them in less than an instant…

  24. GalaxyMoonCat96 zegt

    Wtf HOW? it’s mesmerizing

  25. HunterG420 zegt

    That’s dope.

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