1. winter_beard zegt

    Since many are asking for the oven fries recipe:


    * Cut russet potatoes into wedges or fry shape
    * Get water to a rolling boil, add salt and a splash of white vinegar
    * Add potatoes to boiling water and parboil for 7-8 minutes
    * Drain into colander and let steam dry
    * Once steamed dry, toss with oil, salt, pepper and spices of your choosing
    * Bake at 425F, turning once until at desired crispiness (usually 45-60min)

    **Bonus recipe “Fry Sauce”**

    * Mix equal parts mayo and spicy mustard
    * Add a very generous shake of crystal hot sauce (franks or cholula also work)
    * Add some freshly cracked black pepper and garlic powder
    * Whisk until smooth

  2. GP-NC zegt

    Food commercials would be jealous

  3. MGGN50 zegt

    Everything looks amazing. Please!! Tell me about the oven fries!! Do you have a recipe?

  4. unceunce123123 zegt

    Lets be real this is the food everyone wants when they eat out – classic wedges, a thicc burger, and a nice tall brew to wash it all down

  5. Caiiomt zegt

    oh no . . . before scrolling i thought that beer was the dipping sauce

  6. MortifyingMilkshake zegt

    What’s the beer?

  7. DuePaleontologist932 zegt

    this looks perfect, i would love to eat something like that

  8. Jeffery_G zegt

    Plus an ice-cold beer?

    I’ll have what he’s having.

  9. AbaloneSea7265 zegt

    I would marry someone who can cook like that

  10. WhiskeyWithTheE zegt

    This is just perfect ‘weekend food’ for me. I know you can have this any day of the week, but not for me!

    This is just the kind of food after a hard week & looking forward to the start of the weekend, been to the gym and deserving a well earned treat.

    A double cheeseburger and fries and ale!

    That is a winning combo for me, and may I just say ‘Damn! That looks so good!’

    Food porn & booze of the gods!!

    Perfect really…

  11. aplusbsupplements zegt


  12. Mersak zegt

    Oven Fries are the best ones!

    It is looking beautiful!

  13. SoSoPatPat zegt

    Looks awesome. I hope that bun was nice and spongey and not a dry loaf of sadness

  14. skratakh zegt

    Never heard of the phrase “oven fries” before, we tend to call those potato wedges here in the UK.

  15. Panhandle_for_crypto zegt

    They look like wedges to me

  16. weeladybug zegt

    I’m a vegetarian but I want it a bit

  17. Vistmar zegt

    Fix your blinds

  18. yeeyee072106 zegt

    I thought porn isn’t allowed in this subreddit?

  19. Soldrifter zegt

    Is that a homebrew

  20. RickManchester zegt

    Is this the best burger fries and beer in the world? Nope.
    But there’s something perfect about it. This is a great picture and I’d love to eat it!

  21. Blake-A-palooza zegt

    Other then the pickles this looks fucking delicious.

  22. rosea_a zegt

    Awesome. How did you get the fries like that?

  23. hasanbdeir zegt

    looks delicious!

  24. b0hater zegt

    What’s the secret behind those delicious-looking fries?

  25. JackLondonHUN zegt

    this is right up my alley! looks nice

  26. imlaggingsobad zegt

    Burger ingredients? Looks delish!

  27. kaykay2427 zegt

    Looks bomb af

  28. CuteAndCuntily zegt

    I already feel full just looking at this. Looks good

  29. Afraid_Fruit6218 zegt


  30. CJRedbeard zegt

    Good looking burger. We make similiar ones and the fries too!

    Did you cook the fries in a convection oven at about 450? Drizzle with olive oil and cook for about 35-40 mins on convection and man, those things come out crunchy on the outside and smooth on inside.

  31. stingraystarseed zegt

    Gorgeous 💕

  32. protomanEXE1995 zegt

    At first I did not see the dipping sauce and I thought you were saying that the beer was the dipping sauce

  33. Defiant-Branch4346 zegt

    This looks so good

  34. alexandriaofwar zegt

    This looks so delicious, I want to lick my screen!!!

  35. imperialfishFTW zegt

    Recipe for the burger patties?

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