1. Mia0900 zegt

    [RECIPE](https://themodernproper.com/creamy-chicken-orzo). It’s a big recipe, might want to half it. I also add heavy cream, I’m surprised the recipe doesn’t actually call for it! *orzo is pasta, not rice! It is really underrated, there’s so much to do with it!

  2. rollybygolly zegt

    That looks like a warm hug in a bowl

  3. wanderingstorm zegt

    Looks amazing.

    Would this reheat well if I made it to have for lunches at work or would the orzo not hold up?

  4. NedDasty zegt

    If you like this, try [BA’s one skillet chicken with buttery orzo](https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/one-skillet-chicken-with-buttery-orzo) recipe, it’s phenomal.

  5. JhowNM zegt

    That looks delicious. And I’m hungry as hell ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry) Gonna make it tonight when I get home. Thxs for the recipe…

  6. karmagirl314 zegt

    Looks delicious. I personally don’t like orzo which is weird because I love rice and I love pasta. I also hate vermicelli (esp in rice a roni) and angel hair. I guess I just don’t like small pasta? Anyway that looks like something I would love if I loved orzo.

  7. jaysun145 zegt

    Looks delicious! Appreciate the recipe link👍

  8. mileena12 zegt

    what did you do for the cooked chicken?

  9. Defiant-Branch4346 zegt

    This looks so good

  10. amazingpenguin9 zegt

    Can sub the orzo for rice?

  11. Marchiniko zegt

    I learned today that you call orzo a pasta that is not orzo 🙂

  12. EverydayBlackGuy zegt

    That looks delicious !

  13. 42gOldenlover zegt

    That looks freaking bomb.

  14. Josette22 zegt

    That looks delicious, and it’s also a meal in itself: you have your carb, protein and veggies. Maybe have some dates on the side. 😀

  15. BellaGabriellaH zegt

    It looks so beautiful.

  16. BerlyH208 zegt

    I made that recipe last week! It turned out great and made fantastic leftovers!

  17. MastodonSoggy2883 zegt

    Just got up and made this, I had some Spanish chorizo so added that . Yummy 😋 just what I felt like. Thanks 🙏

  18. fairylites zegt

    I’ve made this exact recipe! I found it needed a lot of extra seasoning but we loved it.

  19. Johnnydeep420 zegt

    Like a homemade version of Uncle Ben’s or some other boxed meal

  20. LydiaLysergic zegt

    Looks easy to digest. Yes please.

  21. februarytide- zegt

    Welp I know what’s going on the menu this week…

  22. Lem01 zegt

    Rice looks a little undercooked for my taste.

  23. veotrade zegt

    So orzo is like a wet fried rice?

  24. Velghast zegt

    That rice looks like those mosquitoe eggs from the other post.

  25. Phyxious562 zegt

    Where is the recipe?

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