1. rockus62 zegt

    Impressive attention to temp for the steak. Must have UNDER cooked it in prep, and the relied on the crisping/melting part to get it to perfect.

  2. dakadoo33 zegt

    For whatever reason I’ve never gotten anything other than a budget quesadilla, which is prolly why I continue to not order them at nicer places that have them. I never really considered that there could be anything other than a budget cheap quesadilla and now all I want is to try a top tier one. Hope this one was amazing.

  3. SanguineAnder zegt


  4. 90grnjollypandabearz zegt

    Now I’m hungry. 🤤

  5. realtrip27 zegt

    now that’s a real quesadilla

  6. TheBigJebowski zegt


  7. pingpongplaya69420 zegt

    Looks amazing

  8. iamanapplee zegt

    looks so delicious

  9. RyuShev zegt


  10. justagirlinid zegt

    goodnesssss…low carb tortilla, reduced fat moz, and it still looks amazing. nicely done

  11. Kit-kat-the-pebble zegt

    Yum 😋

  12. chunkyle zegt

    Really great work.

  13. PineappleJeeper zegt

    Looks delicious

  14. sidhuko zegt

    Quesicarne 🇲🇽

  15. yunggpm zegt


  16. AfterBill8630 zegt

    Mouth watering

  17. LamotKershaw zegt

    Food 10/10
    Camera Quality 10/10

  18. KinkyCurvyDutchGirl zegt

    Looks amaaazing! What else besides cheese, steak and cilantro is in there?

  19. Defiant-Branch4346 zegt

    Oh this looks so good

  20. This_is_Chalky zegt

    I like the carving board

  21. Expensive-Educator36 zegt

    Damn that looks yummi 😋

  22. Expensive-Educator36 zegt

    You’ve just stirred up all my roundworms

  23. bryanmitchell355 zegt

    I’ll have 3 please

  24. reagan2024 zegt

    Looks great. Can we be friends?

  25. Goldiefox09 zegt

    Can I have a bite

  26. Gastrocat zegt


  27. f1del1us zegt

    What cut of steak did you go for?? I typically go flat iron or New York. Looks great and what a beautiful crust on that tortilla.

  28. alllexxx420 zegt

    The perfect steak doesn’t exi… 🥲😍

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