1. Aryya261 zegt

    Am I the only one having trouble with the proportions in this pic?

  2. Its-Mr-Robot zegt

    Those peps look super crispy and yuummmay

  3. adidomenico89 zegt

    The curl on those peps 👌. Looks amazing!

  4. TheRealCaptainHammer zegt

    That is a thing of beauty

  5. here4robits zegt

    i’ve only found sourdough pizza when i lived in san francisco, and it’s my favorite pizza crust ever

    shoutout goat hill

  6. BatmansQueefBreath zegt

    This looks incredible but it’s far too small and I’m a fatass.

  7. m__a__s zegt

    Cue the Homer Simpson drooling noise.

    I’m going to have to make some sourdough pizza dough tonight.

  8. LinFTW zegt

    Awesome job! The sourdough pizza crust is so underappreciated. I don’t know how more pizza shops aren’t making this a staple part of their menu. It adds a lot to the pizza.

  9. JCullberg zegt

    I love sourdough pizza. Have an upvote!

  10. vladdimplr zegt

    A lot of effort to makes 6” pizza.

  11. pm_me_labias zegt

    Honestly dominos looks better

  12. Jellychews zegt

    Wow looks so yummy!!

  13. Hanzburger zegt

    On a fodmap diet, please send the directions for the dough

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