1. SirenSuzeBee zegt

    Aww I thought it was puppies!!

  2. savvysaurusrex zegt

    Awesome, mine never look this good. Great job

  3. chairfairy zegt

    Oh man this takes me back. “Cornflake chicken” was one of my favorite meals growing up, though we baked instead of fried (trying to be healthy in the Midwest, lol)

    Looks great!

  4. cardboardcg zegt

    That looks so good! I like the texture.

  5. buttholethunder1 zegt

    I have tried kornflakes and honestly prefer crushed oyster crackers! Give it a try!

  6. cute_panda01 zegt

    Looks crunchy.

  7. dontstopbelievingman zegt


    That looks so good. Did you fry or bake this?

  8. lovetoreadeatsleep zegt

    Looks delicious!

  9. Altruistic_Primary_5 zegt

    I would pay.

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