1. thecookingofjoy zegt

    The last time I had birria tacos, I saved the leftover beef consommé and cooked ramen noodles in it. Topped it with a sunny-side up egg fried in chili crisp oil, scallions, sesame seeds, and a pat of butter. 10/10 would make again and maybe add some crispy nori next time.

  2. lordlemming zegt

    This looks delicious and is loaded with plenty of foodie buzz words to be a hit on social media

  3. Nezrite zegt

    I read this title to my husband and added, “I feel like someone is trying to steal you away from me.”

    Then I read the recipe and remembered I have a quart of birria consome’ in the freezer and a large bottle of Lao Gan Ma in the fridge and I no longer feel threatened.

    Thank you for this!

  4. KiwiRepresentative63 zegt

    What is chili crisp oil?

  5. OmarLittleFinger zegt

    That looks delicious.

  6. Ruthless_Haruka zegt

    My husband linked me to this… think he wants me to make it for dinner tonight 🤣

  7. TheGreatDonJuan zegt

    Damn, I wasn’t hungry but now I am. That looks fucking delicious.

  8. Panchosfriend zegt

    Why is birria popular all of the sudden? I’ve live in the states for over 20 years and up until a couple of months ago I’ve never heard anyone talk about it. Did a celebrity or something tweet/Snapchat about it?

  9. ricenoodlestw zegt

    crispy fried eggs are the best.

  10. goldenage768 zegt


  11. YippRino zegt

    I can imagine the taste of having a good fried egg combined with ramen. This is one of the best comfort food in my book.

  12. SixBuffalo zegt

    You had me at “chili crisp” lol.

  13. BigfootAteMyBooty zegt

    Get in my belly.

  14. OkContribution99 zegt

    Wow looks beautiful

  15. Riana_rikana zegt

    I’ve always added the chili oil on top like a garnish after I cook the egg. I should definitely try it this way to reduce the amount of oil since I’ll be using some to fry the egg anyways. Thanks!

  16. CellularBeing zegt

    What’s the little butter cube looking thing?

  17. sukisecret zegt

    Fyi you need new chopsticks

  18. SmollLitchi zegt

    That beautiful goey yolk 🥰

  19. dagsdyalikedags zegt

    Ahhh I am so jealous of your chili crisp egg! I’m allergic to something in chili crisp, have tasted it just enough to know it’s delicious and that I CANNOT ingest it.

    This looks amazing, 11/10, please make another bowl and eat it for me 🙂

  20. Dusseldorf zegt

    Had all the ingredients sitting around so I decided to try this for lunch, it was great! I had to water down the broth a bit because I only had ~1/2 a cup of consomme, but I added in a little bit of veggie bullion to make up for it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. isobellie7 zegt

    My godddddd, yuuuuum

  22. WittyWitWitt zegt

    Aww hell that looks good!

  23. justagirlinid zegt

    wowwwwwwww, that looks amazing! Nicely done!

  24. Defiant-Branch4346 zegt

    This is so good looking

  25. rowotick zegt

    This made my day.

  26. TubbyMutherTrucker zegt


  27. tequila_slurry zegt

    Thats a nice looking egg

  28. pastelkitty33 zegt

    Wow looks delicious 🤤💕

  29. jakobscorner zegt

    How do you get your egg so perfect like that?

  30. Ciol0 zegt

    How do one does that? Each time I try to do this, my yolk turns solid…

  31. Silverpool2018 zegt

    My SO is a fan of chilli crisp (discovered recently). This looks pretty amazing to recreate!

  32. Plasmacubed zegt

    Simply art

  33. Rama_nand zegt

    It is very beautiful and delicious.

  34. Idiotechnicality zegt

    Egg fried in chili crisp. Why didn’t I think of this? Will try asap.

  35. An_oaf_of_bread zegt


  36. Admirable-Kangaroo-5 zegt

    That looks amazing.

  37. jakmassaker zegt

    Oh my goodness that looks absolutely delicious. There’s so much stuff on this sub that I wouldn’t actually eat but this is right upy ally

  38. _ferrofluid_ zegt

    Chili Crisp FTW!!

  39. xiipaoc zegt

    *That* is one awesome dish. I see lots of butter chickens and beeves Wellington, and I’m very glad to see this wonderfully creative dish instead.

  40. Dewbdewb zegt

    I just finished my birria with some ramen the other day! I’m definitely adding the chili crisp egg next time, so thank you for that!

  41. The_deviled_eggs zegt

    Birria ramen is the best food fusion since sushi burritos. Is it coincidence the best fusions are with mexican food? NOPE XD

  42. HAZNN69 zegt

    That egg is a masterpiece 🤯

  43. FloridaManTPA zegt

    Now I’m horny

  44. [deleted] zegt


  45. g3nerallycurious zegt

    I LOVE creativity like this. 10/10

  46. pjfrench2000 zegt

    Can someone just post the recipe there are too many comments

  47. Vintagemaria zegt

    This egg 🙌🏽

  48. wingzero6 zegt


  49. Speaker_Of_Bots zegt

    Looks like food from a video game

  50. Jurdskiski zegt

    How does one make a chili crisp egg, that alone looks amazing. A couple of those with some nice sourdough for breakfast.

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