1. o0-o0- zegt

    Wow that’s pretty fancy; where’d have that at?

  2. FeelTheLoveNow zegt

    Not a sorbet.

    > [“Apparently a Pear” is a trompe l’oeil cheesecake filled with poached pears resting in a puddle of crème anglaise that’s as much of an attraction as the centerpiece itself.](https://northernvirginiamag.com/food/food-features/2021/02/11/inside-dinner-at-the-inn-at-little-washington/)

    3-Michelin star restaurant in a 5-star hotel. I’m sure everything else was amazing too

    They do offer a coconut sorbet with a Passionfruit-ginger granité though

  3. hungry_tiger zegt

    Sometimes I feel a little bit of guilt when I eat this type of artistic food that someone clearly spent lots of effort on.

    Mostly because my tendency is to eat food really fast.

  4. Arula777 zegt

    Holy hell… just looked up pricing for the hotel… $1,220 per night. I have to ask, is the pear shaped ice cream included in that cost or is it extra?

  5. KatzMwwow zegt

    Cheesecake 🙂

  6. spasticity zegt

    That’s beautiful

  7. ReasonedBeing zegt

    I need that!

  8. mastersnickerdoodle zegt

    I’d have the urge to grab it and eat it like an actual pear

  9. Lisavela zegt

    This looks so fun and delicious

  10. bluidyPCish zegt

    Did it taste even better than it looked?

  11. TuvixWillNotBeMissed zegt

    My body is the same shape and I am not fancy.

  12. R_Jack_47 zegt

    I thought it was a fake pear at first

  13. Behappyalright zegt

    Oh I was scrolling by and had to do a double take of why someone would post a moldy pear…. Turns out it wasn’t haha

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