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  5. amarshtx zegt

    Meat to bread ratio is way off!


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  7. [deleted] zegt


  8. lkso zegt

    How do you make naan?

  9. Fantastic-Avocado-84 zegt

    Lmao, had the same naan with Japanese curry for lunch. Yeah Trader Joe’s Naan is very versatile.

  10. sharkweekholiday zegt

    This is a great idea, OP.

    It’s given me the idea to make a curry chili. Thank you.

  11. woooosh_woooosh zegt

    My fatass thought it was one big nacho chip in a thick salsa.

  12. Expensive-Educator36 zegt

    Mix of Indian and Mexican food? How come I never thought about it?

  13. [deleted] zegt


  14. Defiant-Branch4346 zegt

    so good

  15. Defiant-Branch4346 zegt

    Please mail me some

  16. Rama_nand zegt

    Very delicious it is.

  17. Technical_Two_9113 zegt

    This is the way!!

  18. DopeDankDine zegt

    this is definitely amazing i can tell… oooooooh and some melted butter drizzled on the naan

  19. dewyjns zegt

    Looks pretty yummy..

  20. MyOpinionMustBeHeard zegt

    Sweetcorn in a chili?!?

  21. MrGaber zegt

    Big tortilla chip with salsa is all I see

  22. Breakfasttimer zegt

    That naan looks legit – that is difficult to make at home. How’d you do it?

  23. ankscricholic zegt

    I really like the idea of putting corn in the curry. Indian and Mexican food have more or less same palate so the fusion makes sense. I’ll try this with Rumali roti instead of naan next time.

  24. reagan2024 zegt

    I’m down with corn in chili, but where’s the cheese?

  25. Tornadoboy156 zegt


  26. wrking4theclampdown zegt

    Corn and beans. That’s vegetable soup not chili.

  27. kirbythesquirrel zegt

    That corn!

  28. onlinesupport365 zegt

    It is amazing. I love it.

  29. mattygilbert91 zegt

    This looks amazing

  30. sharkweekholiday zegt

    The frozen naan is even directly in front of a microwave oven with crumbs on the tray.

  31. [deleted] zegt


  32. [deleted] zegt


  33. WeddingLion zegt

    Ok seriously, some of you are criticizing OP for using store bought naan? Do you have your own tandoori oven?

    OP, post recipe for chili, please. Looks good.

  34. cutterpotts zegt

    I’m drooling!

  35. [deleted] zegt


  36. [deleted] zegt


  37. Minhaj-780 zegt

    It’s Good

  38. iamonredditfinally zegt

    The bread warps spacetime

  39. HandGrillSuicide1 zegt

    Dude just invented Ind-Mex cuisine

  40. [deleted] zegt


  41. tehruke zegt

    Wait… You can do that?!

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