1. fordanjairbanks zegt

    I’m not sure if there’s enough sauce.

  2. NickIllicit zegt

    I bet you regret putting it on that dish. 😂

  3. Dino711 zegt

    I can hear my teeth decaying

  4. Ltlgbmi32 zegt

    I would have been happy stopping at the cream cheese frosting part. Everything after that is too sweet for my taste. Looks very good, otherwise.

  5. President-Jo zegt

    I want so bad for that to be a lasagna

  6. spammmmmmmmy zegt

    Did you get what you wanted to achieve, here?

  7. CalamityMel zegt

    This picture gave me a strong urge to lick my phone.

  8. tah4349 zegt

    Is this the recipe from the cover of this month’s Southern Living magazine? I’ve had it sitting on my counter and I drool a little bit as I walk by. Maybe a weekend project!

  9. PetitAgite zegt

    Drippin’ dat saauuce!

  10. rhythmjones zegt

    I has carrots in it so it is healthy.

  11. MrsJ88 zegt

    I’m not sure how to feel about this. Lemme have a slice or two to decide.

  12. maluminse zegt

    Wish you sold that. For awhile any place that sold carrot cake I would buy it. Ironically a pizza place beat out local bakeries.

    That looks amazing. Decadent carrot cake. Buggs favorite.

  13. whyrweyelling zegt

    One bite and I’m done. Enough sugar for me.

  14. Twice_Knightley zegt

    Is a slutty carrot cake a thing? This looks like a slutty carrot cake.

  15. SkellySpaghetti zegt


  16. Stormschance zegt

    Nope. The sauce killed it for me. Not a fan of wet cake.

  17. Alaskan2017 zegt

    I want lasagna now. Real lasagna

  18. TheLadyPatricia zegt

    This cake looks so over-the-top decadent that I would probably eat two bites and feel as though I’d eaten a whole meal! And the salted caramel sauce dripping off the fluted edges of the cake pedestal is the crowning touch! Fantastic!

  19. MaineLobster4938 zegt


  20. megurushi zegt


  21. cwb_iah zegt

    That is not a proper serving dish fot a lasagna

  22. bozak_137 zegt

    Ngl thought it was that trifle that Rachel made lol

  23. Kamenev_Drang zegt

    not bad but caramel sauce, eugh

  24. Omponthong zegt

    Gonna be a no from me dawg

  25. ulikunkel333 zegt


  26. happystitcher3 zegt

    Looks so rich. 🤤

  27. T2Darlantan zegt

    looks the same going in as it does coming out

  28. MissionIll0 zegt

    I’m sorry but that caramel sauce about to drip off of the plate and onto the counter is super cringey 😬

  29. KapitaenHowdy zegt

    Saints be praised…

  30. CommonSense66 zegt

    Omg that looks sooooooooo good!!! My husband’s bday is coming up. I so want to make this for him.


  31. Tyralyon zegt

    This is one of the most American things I’ve ever seen. Ever heard the saying ‘Less is more’?

  32. The_Whiteboi1 zegt

    Like, I see how good this is after reading the description, before I thought it was cake with ground beef on top 😐. Im sorry if I ruined it

  33. 91cosmo zegt

    My jaw dropped and i may have drooled on my shirt a little.

  34. FangkingOmega zegt

    I want to shove this whole thing in my face, consequences be damned.

  35. Berticles zegt

    Photograph it on a table with a white tablecloth. I dare you.
    It looks delicious though.

  36. the_lovely_otter zegt

    That looks so good 😭

  37. TotalGuidance1743 zegt

    Oh sweet lord

  38. Gr1ff1n90 zegt

    🤤 This looks divine!!

  39. PacoMacBoy zegt


  40. cnmgnhcnmgn zegt

    Recipe, pls!!

  41. bigboxes1 zegt

    Not enough caramel

  42. thedwarf_XX zegt

    Thought it was a cake made from mince low key

  43. adamwarburton88 zegt

    Now that’s right up my street. Carrot and pecan beautiful!

  44. kelsobjammin zegt

    Looks wet

  45. rubbarz zegt

    Ay watch yo drip bro WATCH YO DRIP!

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