1. disastrousperson_ zegt

    oh boy, I would kill for a slice of that chessecake, this is gorgeous!

    do you mind sharing the recipe? i need to try this one

  2. CaseStudyRideAlong zegt

    I’ll be damned, such a pic gets me want to put on a chef’s hat ☺️ 🤤 .

  3. Nickelz34 zegt

    Tha sheeiit THICK BOI !

  4. Darth--Chungus zegt

    Alright how the hell did you make this

  5. monstrawberry18 zegt


  6. amidtheprimalthings zegt

    As someone who regularly thinks that the crust is, by far, the best part…I am so glad to see a nice, THICCC crust here! 🙂

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