1. 1ocean1blue zegt

    Hallo do you maybe have a recipe I love laksa

  2. CaseStudyRideAlong zegt

    And now… that makes me thinking about eating 😌 👌🏿 .

  3. pkkballer22 zegt

    I want the spoon so beautiful

  4. ricenoodlestw zegt

    I can just taste that looking at it.

    My god.

  5. mustardsprinkles zegt

    This looks absolutely delicious!

  6. squarecubedbox zegt

    I can taste the cilantro all the way from the screen! Looks great.

  7. SiyeonFan123 zegt

    I like laksa

  8. caffeinated_catgirl zegt

    That looks delicious.

  9. rathermediocreartist zegt

    I was inspired to doodle your bowl


  10. bluidyPCish zegt

    One of the prettiest plates (homemade) that I have seen. I hope it tasted even better, OP.

  11. KWC-Way zegt

    From the colour of the broth, I would say it is either the Laksa lemak or Nyonya laksa.

  12. CompetitionLittle147 zegt

    Looks amazing!

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