1. Rice_Daddy zegt

    That some good charring!

  2. Ihatefallout zegt

    How did you make those mushrooms so crispy looking?

  3. SpiritualDirection zegt

    Yes please.

  4. drawingxflies zegt

    Perfectly cooked. Nice job.

  5. TheLadyPatricia zegt

    From this day forward, when I think “meat and potatoes”, this is the image I will have in my head! I cannot overstate how AMAZING this looks! I’d love to be sitting down to this meal with you! ENJOY!

  6. makovince zegt

    Just like everyone else has said, that steak looks amazing, great char on the crust. But let’s not ignore those perfect-looking potatoes!

  7. Bloodfart2112 zegt

    You magnificent bastard you’ve done it again

  8. disharmony-hellride zegt

    love everything about this. even the photo lighting is great.

  9. MordantBengal zegt


  10. cookinwithclint zegt

    Australian Wagyu Ribeye Sear https://imgur.com/gallery/3ZFCJ8M

  11. Hands-for-maps zegt

    10/10 would bang

  12. toasterpRoN zegt

    Grill marks, bud. Grill marks.


  13. cobaltl zegt

    Something from a magazine – wow! Steak looks great

  14. awood20 zegt

    Perfect and mouthwatering

  15. JackPThatsMe zegt

    Aussie beef is the best, as a Kiwi it hurts to say but that’s the truth.

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