1. Axenroth187 zegt

    That’s a lot of rice.

  2. ngsm13 zegt

    Is the broccoli raw?

  3. Eskimosteven2 zegt

    Where’s the rice?

  4. Dannyrage83 zegt

    Needs more rice

  5. Cereal_kilher zegt

    Had you braised those short ribs, you’d have an awesome sauce to go over that insane amount of rice.

  6. Hakoi zegt

    I almost feel how dry this dish is

  7. DrDankologist zegt

    Looks like a very dry dish

  8. Maka2h zegt

    Good color on the beef, that plate somehow still looks depressing af

  9. Tobias---Funke zegt

    I don’t think I have ever seen anything that needs a little gravy as much as this dish.

  10. snipsnapsnot zegt

    Rice is a great option if you ever want to eat 1,000,000 of something

  11. ptng zegt

    dats mad rice B

  12. Sky_Deep9000 zegt

    I’m getting an urge to just drench the whole thing with some nice curry or gravy

  13. grandchaos zegt

    Licking a pyramid would have more moisture than this meal.

  14. nay2d2 zegt

    Came here for the rice comments

  15. Kitchen-Attempt-5696 zegt

    Why tf is there a bag of rice included?

  16. KopRich zegt

    This plate confuses me. You’ve gone to the effort of perfectly cooking some delicious short rib and then paired it with possibly the most boring sides imaginable.

  17. joan16v zegt

    Too much rice.

  18. rogan1990 zegt

    That short rib looks like steak tips! How did you cook it to be so rare, but still able to be chewed?

    I always braise and slow cook mine

  19. drysocketpocket zegt

    Um… I thought short rib was tough unless you braised it or something? No? I’ve never made it myself.

  20. iwonderwhatsinsideof zegt

    That looks like about five cups of cooked rice.

  21. nicnac_pattywhack zegt

    the amount of rice speaks to me on a personal level.

  22. shiirheartattack zegt

    Where sauce?

  23. qmass zegt

    who upvotes this misery ?

  24. BC-Action zegt

    I like how rice is your Roughage. My kind of meal. #pinoystyle 🤙🏼

  25. lordkeith zegt

    Wouldn’t this be very bland. The rice need some sort of seasoning or something poured on top. Also, roast the broccoli.

  26. SubstantialInside125 zegt

    Insane amount of rice without a gravy!

  27. RBDQBK zegt

    Its a scorching medium rare day today, and the cows are taking refuge underneath the trees

  28. marcjuuhh zegt

    Rice Rice baby

  29. Sir_Randolph_Gooch zegt

    Doesn’t look like short rib, maybe “boneless short rib” which is a section of chuck

  30. MrBungle1987 zegt

    Anyone seen any rice lying around anywhere?

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