1. CriMxDelAxCriM zegt

    I’m not a sweets person but these look delicious

  2. mutedsensation zegt

    Dino-sour gummies

  3. heavensoul zegt

    Those look so delicious! How about their taste how was it?

  4. Goldenart121 zegt

    Very jealous

  5. ac1485 zegt

    I used this recipe: https://sugargeekshow.com/recipe/real-gummy-bear-recipe/ and added a sugar + citric acid combo on the outside.

    These particular gummies also have THC, but I make gummies both with and without it.

  6. Responsible-Score zegt

    How much THC?

  7. Myalltimehate zegt

    And you put your weed in it. Is it food though?

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