1. GrossHarpsichord zegt

    Post that recipe OP!

  2. Kub3rt zegt


  3. lacourc zegt

    recipe ?!! pleease

  4. DoctorBre zegt

    When I moved out on my own, there was a little Polish grocery/deli up the street from my apartment. After a few years seeing it every day, I finally decided to check it out. One thing they had were pints of soups, refrigerated. They were all good but the mushroom was a revelation. So *that’s* what the canned stuff I’ve endured for years was supposed to taste like?! That place closed down but, luckily, there’s no shortage of Polish food vendors here in Chicago.

  5. ima_snail zegt

    Looks great! Looking forward to the weather cooling down and making some bigos soon!

  6. not_llama zegt

    This looks so delicious 🥲

  7. FuckThisSiteLol zegt


  8. soot_guy zegt

    My mom makes it with smol shells, and you have piqued my curiosity with a different noodle vehicle.

    Łazanki are always bow tie. Not even gonna entertain another noodle for that

  9. ScienceBerry361 zegt

    Please spoon this into my mouth or teach me how to make it

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