1. teatowelmechanic zegt

    Looks like a painting too wow

  2. Paigenacage zegt

    Please, oh please. We are at your mercy. Share the recipe, you beautiful genius!

  3. tellMyBossHesWrong zegt

    Glad it’s not waffles!

  4. grud315 zegt

    Need this recipe yesterday.

  5. blackdeathmessenger zegt

    I could’ve sworn that was an oil painting or something

  6. Freakychowchow zegt

    The color and shine on this makes me feel like I’m tripping lol. So pretty!

  7. abbothenderson zegt

    It looks like you could chip a tooth biting into that 😬

  8. earthhworms zegt

    wow this looks absolutely beautiful

  9. Fuzzy-Ad7214 zegt

    Do you make the sauce by yourself? If you do, can you share the recipe? Thanks.

  10. subtleeffect zegt

    Weird filter or something? Looks like a hyper realistic oil painting

  11. chittad zegt

    There’s one very happy and spent smurf out there somewhere

  12. heartstrawb zegt

    ~space pancakes~

  13. Navatar0 zegt

    You ate Ube Coconut Sauce with Okinawan Sweet Potato Pancakes.

  14. Squal2020 zegt

    Looks like a Venom pancake stack. Eat it before it eats you.

  15. LuluTopSionMid zegt

    This is completely undervoted, I see cheesecakes get more attention!

  16. Waifu_422 zegt

    That looks cray.

  17. iamanapplee zegt

    that’s looks perfect

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