1. TyroneShoelaces69 zegt

    One of my favorites. I like how you got tentacles too.

  2. SuperDoody zegt

    Looks delicious. Whenever I order calamari, I ask if all tentacles is an option.

  3. FantasticWittyRetort zegt

    When I see this plate, I can’t help thinking of the podcast episode where calamari is investigated!

    [This American Life](https://www.thisamericanlife.org/484/doppelgangers)

  4. americandream666 zegt

    I love fried calamari. It looks delicious

  5. Sierra-Modeling zegt

    That looks incredible!

  6. mazdawg89 zegt

    Did you know that calamari is one of the healthiest and most sustainable seafood options? It’s actually a nuisance species in many areas and can be fished without destroying other species or habitats

  7. smavinagain zegt

    Try it with tzatziki, it’s really good

  8. deutschdachs zegt


  9. Nkechinyerembi zegt

    Oh my god where can a person even GET this? This looks amazing.

  10. BulkyAd490 zegt

    I enjoyed reading this post.

  11. baby-lalalisa zegt


  12. lovetoreadeatsleep zegt


  13. TerminalSire zegt

    Out of curiosity, What would you call that sauce? That orangish sauce that often comes with fried calamari?

  14. DeepFryEverything zegt

    I can actually taste the fresh lemon and sea salt on this.

  15. MidNiteSun09 zegt

    Yummy. My absolute favorite.

  16. daytripper7711 zegt

    This looks incredible.

  17. MollyCool52 zegt

    I actually gasped at how good this looks

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