1. Iloveoldmanpubs zegt

    Ahh, actual fish and chips! Looks much better than the fish nuggets and fries that were posted earlier

  2. barryandorlevon zegt

    I would absolutely *revolt* if I received such a paltry amount of tartar sauce.

  3. euzie zegt

    Those chips look like a combination of crispy soggy and that’s good by me

  4. Alifad zegt

    I need mushy peas and lots of vinegar, also I prefer cod. Having said that I would happily inhale that as is!

  5. meganoodles zegt

    Is this The Scallop Shell – Bath?

  6. abcdefghabca zegt

    What’s that in the shell thing??

  7. DonSalaam zegt

    Is that cod?

  8. ricenoodlestw zegt

    Very nice.
    Could go for some myself.
    Its been a while.

  9. ThisHasFailed zegt

    Reusing a gnarly chipped shell to squirt some tartar sauce in as part of “presentation”

  10. drake5195 zegt

    Try taking a picture before eating part of it 🙄

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