1. tdawg756 zegt

    DANG! I guess there is such a thing as a pineapple tree.

  2. tattooedpenis zegt

    Is there no pineapple on the table other than the tree or am i blind?

  3. Wiggy_0000 zegt

    That’s commitment

  4. froumlhcfjj zegt

    This looks delicious, but now why isn’t there some cut pineapple ???? Should we take it from the tree ?

  5. Sierra-Modeling zegt

    This made me so hungry!

  6. nostromorises zegt

    you monster that looks delicious

  7. PaulBarryAntDec zegt

    This looks so beautiful and delicious! How long did it take to set up?

  8. aidsfordays zegt

    Wow this is heaven

  9. FBPOS zegt

    That is a lot of work. I hope it was appreciated. Well done!

  10. Maker-of-the-Things zegt

    I need this in my life

  11. invisiblefaction2 zegt

    That’s awesome!

  12. hsmonroe610 zegt

    This is fucking beautiful

  13. JusTellinTheTruth zegt

    This is incredible

  14. ozmofasho zegt

    This is amazing, great job!

  15. Kristinakoni zegt

    It should have taken a long time

  16. RepresentativeSand96 zegt

    Ok, now need instructions on how to make this! This is an awesome party piece.

  17. Puffy_Reality_ zegt

    Pen pineapple apple tree

  18. RedRockettt zegt

    I hoped you enjoyed the fruits of your labor, looks amazing!

  19. Pajurr zegt

    What a waste of food …

  20. ThaUniversal zegt

    How much time do you have on your hands?

  21. RoganIsMyDawg zegt


  22. mosbackr zegt

    we get it, you swing

  23. Objective_Test_2077 zegt

    This is Reddit!

  24. Bookluster zegt

    This might be my daughter’s version of heaven

  25. MuayThaiYogi zegt

    Beautiful work. Congrats.

  26. OnyxTheFortuitous_ zegt

    “Alright, I’m off to work.” *grabs a grape*

  27. Jennifer9827 zegt

    Very creative, how did you connect and fix the pineapple trees?

  28. JayJay_365 zegt

    I would eat the entire serving! Looks delicious 😋

  29. jcpahman77 zegt

    The entire r/psych fandom just went nuts lol

  30. azorianmilk zegt

    Wow! The level of effort and detail! Looks amazing!

  31. GullibleLeg9 zegt

    This fruit heaven is so <3

  32. lovetoreadeatsleep zegt

    Beautifully made!

  33. redheadscorp zegt

    omg!! love this

  34. Wyrd_byrd zegt

    Wow! That is amazing! All the effort and time was well worth it!

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