1. aquielisunari zegt

    Talk about a picture perfect presentation. The rice is fluffy and each grain is visible, there isn’t too much sesame seed and it’s just overall very well done.

  2. 0xTech zegt

    It doesn’t look homemade, it looks professional or like a stock photo. Excellent work. I hope it tastes as good as it appears!

  3. _Bey0nd__ zegt

    Favorite food in the entire world. Looks GREAT!

  4. theycallmemrgreen666 zegt

    Looks amazing, good job!

  5. gallanto zegt

    Gosh…I want to taste it so badly

  6. CourtneyFish-Lately zegt

    That looks so amazing. It’s incredibly rare, here in UK, to see Orange Chicken on a menu. I’ll be wanting to try making this if you post a recipe.

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