1. cee5994 zegt

    Looks moist, flavorful and promising, kinda like my first wife. *Baddum Tss* But on a serious note, we may need a recipe. This looks delectable.

  2. earthhworms zegt

    this looks amazing! do you have a recipe?

  3. Hazelnut-Ghost01 zegt

    I literally only look at this sub when it’s too late for me to eat and it’s killing me how good this looks at 2am

  4. randonasian zegt


  5. pleasureinpoison92 zegt

    damnnn i’m a fucking sucker for mango. recipe??

  6. maxhesham666 zegt

    Looks amazing! Recipe would be great!!

  7. OrcaMusic zegt

    Since many asked, we basically just followed [this recipe](https://www.sugarhero.com/chocolate-raspberry-mousse-cake/) for the white chocolate and mango mousse, just replaced the raspberries from the recipe with alphonso mango pulp!

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