1. Dspsblyuth zegt

    I see only one potato

  2. Tobias---Funke zegt


  3. coben_guest_23 zegt

    looks delicious

  4. PattayaToday zegt

    I bet it tasted great!!!

  5. go-fukyourself zegt

    Looks sooooo good

  6. DeathSlayer1994 zegt

    A meal for a Champ

  7. mydadswife41 zegt

    This looks so delicious that I would give a lung to get a taste of it

  8. the-willow-witch zegt

    Looks amazing!

  9. Anorexorcist zegt

    Is that a potato from Wendy’s?

  10. slicktrickrick zegt

    Epstein didn’t kill him self

  11. Fuzzy-Ad7214 zegt

    How do you make potatoes? Can you share with me?

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