1. potatotay zegt

    Mmm and all the toppings. I haven’t had a burger with all the fixings in forever! I just make mine like I make my husband’s bc it’s easier, I almost forgot how I like my burgs! Thanks for bringing me back to my roots 🙂

  2. President-Jo zegt

    Always re-inflate the bun before consuming

  3. ItinerantConundrum zegt

    The char on that burger and the copious amount of red onion is very pleasing.

  4. Corn-_-Bread zegt

    Look amazing, my burgers consist of meat cheese and bread

  5. InternalIce9141 zegt

    Just a friendly suggestion. Try grilling the onions a bit, if you’re into that 👍

  6. mr_ryno27 zegt

    Brioche buns are the perfect buns for burgers.

  7. sigflo zegt

    How do you achieve those “wrinkles” on the surface of your bun? It looks super soft.

  8. joeshmoe159 zegt

    You sure $team a good Ham

  9. rdwulfe zegt


  10. rkellybelongsinjail zegt

    The old warm up the bun in the back pocket trick

  11. WilliamLyons30 zegt

    Wow, this thing makes me want to put on a chef’s hat 😀 😋 !!

  12. BbR- zegt

    toppings usually keep together better on the bottom bun

  13. DannyPynes zegt

    Nice ground beef sandwich.

  14. ZylonBane zegt

    Again with the “beef burger”s. SMH my head.

  15. IceColdDude25 zegt

    Do you have a snake jaw? How you planning on getting your mouth around that thing lol

  16. Affectionate-Gur2195 zegt

    You’ve done well there a brioche bun instantly makes a burger better

  17. [deleted] zegt


  18. robbinrobbin zegt

    yo, were are you, i need this

  19. mweiss427 zegt

    I’ll take 12 please

  20. tippersknee zegt

    I forgot lunch in work and I would die for that burger rn

  21. Sagzmir zegt

    I know what I’m making for dinner tonight

  22. jtk5029 zegt

    What do we think about the amount of onion? Great for photos, but is it too much to eat?

  23. mrsunmoon2010 zegt

    What is wrong with ketchup?

  24. richieredzone zegt

    great job you made a hamburger

  25. smacksaw zegt

    That’s a great bun. So many of them these days are too dense. It’s like…collapsing under it’s own weight it’s so light and airy.

    That’s really good.

  26. Impressive_Spite_495 zegt

    beef sandwich

  27. Reduric zegt

    John if I have to tell you to stop picking the leaves off my bush ONE MORE TIME….

  28. pacificperson zegt

    look so good, i want to eat it

  29. PamTheOfficeisCute zegt

    Gimme dat!

  30. Marinaraplease zegt

    Pump that bun

  31. SchismSEO zegt


  32. FrederickSchneider zegt

    interesting, it looks healthier than the average burger

  33. SyraneEuw zegt

    Brioche is lovely but I’m more of a ciabatta guy myself, I can’t remember the last time I had a burger with all the trimmings looks delicious OP.

  34. Tarrybelle zegt

    Omg that looks so good. So hungry now.

  35. Teemuhyn zegt

    Looks delicious. 😋

  36. bronet zegt

    Cred for not just doing the boring no or minimal toppings style

  37. redditretard34 zegt

    Looks delicious.

  38. xThatsRight zegt

    Love the burger, hate the Home Depot glass tile backsplash.

  39. GoatHaynus zegt

    Thin to win when cutting that veg

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