1. SummerShank zegt

    I would choose this as a last meal.

  2. Genielove91 zegt

    This looks incredible

  3. ricenoodlestw zegt

    Still have yet to experience dry aged beef.
    I hope it lives up to the hype.

  4. pressurepoint13 zegt

    I’m Team Ribeye 100% but this looks absolutely incredibly perfect.

  5. Omponthong zegt

    Those are some big ass sprouts!

  6. QueefBuscemi zegt

    I’d strip my loins for that.

  7. PunkShocker zegt

    Looks delicious! Learning to do this at home has rendered restaurant steaks almost pointless for me. I used to keep steak as a fall back option at restaurants, but with the price of beef going up and my own steak skills improving, I can’t tell you the last time I ordered one. Not only am I enjoying my own steaks more, but I’m open to trying other menu options at my favorite restaurants.

    Also, can we talk about those sides? They look great!

  8. ImBad1101 zegt

    This needs an NSFW tag 🥴

  9. WDE10 zegt

    This all looks amazing but how did you do that potato? I would love to start trying that.

  10. hanahnothannah zegt

    Jesus Christ it’s too early for porn but I’m not complaining. Looks incredible OP

  11. maxxhock zegt

    Wow – beautifully done OP. Did you do this in a cast iron? How long on each side? Any tips?

  12. ra_god94 zegt


  13. Midian1369 zegt

    It all looks good…but I’m staring at those Brussel sprouts like a creep in a playground. (Roasted sprouts are my absolute favorite.)

  14. TheJimDim zegt

    I hate that uncooked/unseasoned tomatoes look so aesthetically pleasing even though they taste so bad.

    The whole meal looks delicious though

  15. PouffyMoth zegt

    Hey look, a meal that isn’t an incredibly small portion size! Bravo!

  16. crazycandy228 zegt

    Seen while eating at taco bell 🥲😭

  17. BlazeCrystal zegt

    Good beef meal like this is one of those things that you are long grateful that they happened, and not sad that they ended.

  18. EstablishmentNo4760 zegt

    I’ll give you $500… will you send to me, please? It looks very tasty 😋

  19. Afireonthesnow zegt

    I became a vegetarian last year….boy I really miss steak 🥺

  20. FujiSeiki zegt

    staring contest with this food. can’t wait to eat it

  21. la_luna653 zegt

    I want to marry and start a family with that plate.

  22. steezefabreeze zegt

    How did you prepare the meat?

  23. LeFauxPanneau22 zegt

    Wow. I’m gonna need a tissue

  24. CreateYourself89 zegt

    Lovely presentation!

  25. Portentia9 zegt

    Absolutely fantastic dish! This is star-quality, restaurant style meal.

  26. SchismSEO zegt

    Hell’va meal

  27. aisfog zegt

    That steak is cooked so perfectly, you almost could’ve made a carpaccio lol. For real though, my mouth is watering, this looks incredible!!

  28. seklwof1993 zegt

    Hey bro it’s me your lost brother lemme get a bite of that

  29. peszneck zegt

    Wow… I just want taste that end piece.
    The veggies look great too!

  30. SandraChikaAlvarez zegt

    That looks ammmmazzzing. looks so juicy. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|heart_eyes)

  31. wonkotsane42 zegt

    This looks like a Renaissance painting

  32. c8d3n zegt

    This is how proper meal looks like.

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