1. Apostle25 zegt

    Bleu cheese / Onions / BBQ. The only burger I get if its on a menu.

  2. Historical_Rewrite zegt

    Damn! That looks good!

  3. Launchpad903 zegt

    Looks delicious I love to smoke burgers on my Weber Kettle and then finish them off over direct charcoal better than anything I can buy local.. Got to have that white Land o Lakes cheese though its like crack

  4. Reeeeallly zegt

    Mmmmmmmm. There are lots of burgers on Reddit, but this is quality.

  5. Portentia9 zegt

    My god, I want this now. The juicy thickness, the cheese, the other stuffs.

    I WANT!!!

  6. susiif33 zegt

    I feel the juice is going to flow out,like it

  7. anon06754 zegt

    Dayummmm, if someone wants to win over me , just get me this instead. Job done. Looks delicious 😋

  8. oldfatlazy zegt

    That’s pretty.

  9. NickIllicit zegt

    What do you mean?

  10. Impressive_Spite_495 zegt

    BBQ’d sandwich

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