1. Cptlife zegt

    You must be in WI

  2. aid689 zegt

    Reminds me of Culver’s cheese curds. Nothing like getting a large order of curds and a milkshake and having that be your entire meal!

  3. unispex zegt

    Marinara is good but ranch is the nectar of the gods

  4. HermitWilson zegt

    Curds? No whey!

  5. millerb55 zegt

    That looks really good !

  6. Conscious-Onion1166 zegt

    Go back to Illinois with your marinara dippin butt for cripes sake, or get some ranch.

  7. lesswanted zegt

    What is marinara?

  8. daytripper7711 zegt

    YUM!!! I wish these were more popular on the east coast, poutine too.

  9. InternalIce9141 zegt

    People underestimate how easy it is to die from overconsumption of cheese curds. Once you start, *you don’t stop*

  10. Few-Recognition-2345 zegt

    That looks like tiny mosserella sticks.

  11. lil_Saint22 zegt

    Cocktail Sauce for me!!

  12. itsjero zegt

    dibs on the big one.

  13. B4sse77 zegt

    am i too baked or does it kinda look like unwashed potatoes?

  14. Alastor3 zegt

    Im living in Quebec and I never ever had cheese curd fried and i just feel like im missing on life right now. Look what you just did to me!

  15. PDP-8A zegt

    Now I want Culver’s for lunch.

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