1. P226Trading zegt

    That looks seriously amazing.

    Well done.

  2. carterjaycamp zegt

    Absolutely incredible work mate. Looks amazing!

  3. busfamilyfood zegt

    Looks good. Congratulations from me!

  4. Sinjowie zegt

    Im a cook in chicago, 10/10 nailed it.

  5. Raskov75 zegt

    TIL I’m sexually attracted to pizza

  6. Portentia9 zegt

    I’m not a big pizza fan; I maybe consume two slices a year. However, my mouth literally watered at the sight of your masterpiece. I seriously want half of it. Snausage, mushrooms and onions couldn’t be a more perfect combination!

    P.S. Pan pizza crust is the way to go! Truly marvelous!

  7. K3rsh4w zegt

    That’s real pizza right there, I don’t care who ya are lol

  8. UselessLayabout zegt

    I’ll take 50 please.

  9. Don_Keebals zegt

    Looks good except for the fungus.

  10. sirdadyo zegt

    That pizza looks over the top!

  11. velmakas23 zegt

    I’m craving for pizza rn

  12. oxnardhard zegt

    How did you get the onions so caramlized?! Were the onions raw when you started baking?

  13. ManOfMilk42069 zegt

    Too much sausage, not enough everything else

  14. ZylonBane zegt

    What’s the difference between +onions and regular onions?

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