1. MooPig48 zegt

    Is that…cheese?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love cheese, just never heard of it on a Bennie

  2. millerb55 zegt

    That looks yummy
    Great job

  3. doritoscornchips zegt

    Is that cheese sticks on the bottom?

  4. EquivalentSnap zegt

    Nice 😋

  5. Edmond_DantestMe zegt

    Nice. How’d the eggs turn out?

  6. NightSolaire zegt

    That hollandaise sauce looks so good!

  7. Mindful-O-Melancholy zegt

    Kind of makes me want to make hollandaise sauce and pour it directly into my mouth

  8. loriffic zegt

    Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch

  9. jeffro1476 zegt

    Looks great. Is it better with bacon over Canadian bacon?

  10. Perfect_Cookie zegt

    I love eggs Benedict but only eat it at a local diner near me that makes excellent EB! I always figured it was too hard to make at home. Looks perfect!

  11. Jakewilliamm zegt

    God why would you put cheese on a fucking Benedict

  12. icantmince zegt

    never garnish with dried herbs

  13. ser_renely zegt

    One of my favorite meals…easy to make hard to master, and lots of fun variations on it

  14. orange_box zegt

    How did you make it ?

  15. MomoBawk zegt

    These don’t even look real, they look like something digitally made. I absolutely love them, perfection.

  16. East2West21 zegt

    Dank. Perfectly done.

  17. Embarrassed-Race2439 zegt

    That is a piece of art

  18. drysocketpocket zegt

    Your hollandaise looks spot on!

  19. Psychological-Leg213 zegt


  20. The2NDComingOfChrist zegt

    that looks so good 🤤

  21. Few-Recognition-2345 zegt


  22. Chipstar452 zegt

    I always upvote eggs benny. Well done and enjoy!

  23. Jsnooots zegt

    Poached bacon.

  24. DreamLadyFoxy zegt

    That is absolutely gorgeous.

  25. Andrewop zegt

    It would be equally good with avocado instead of bacon. Plus it’s healthier and you don’t have to kill anything

  26. tSnDjKniteX zegt

    I love making homemade hollindase; Eggs benedict is one of those dishes that you can learn really quick and it still looks fancy lol

    (it’s the best dish I make for guests who think I can’t cook well lmao)

  27. CharlyUDM992 zegt

    Good ol Eggs Benedict

  28. SquareHoleRoundPlug zegt

    GOOD GOD COOK YOUR BACON… what is that??

    I mean if that’s how you like it, you do you 👍

  29. hyehered23 zegt

    That cheesy melt really good! >

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